Who We Are & How We Got Here

Mani is a writer and Licensed Midwife living in a tiny little house that is almost one hundred years old, in Downtown Phoenix with her three daughters, Hope (17), Asia (15), and Brenna (12). They also share space with their cat, Rita Mae Brown, who has an excellent sense of humor about being named after an author who sometimes writes under her cat's name.

Mani has a strong interest in social justice, racial and economic disparities, queer family issues, women's reproductive issues, words in all of their glorious incarnations, and is a strong advocate for the rights of overused and abused adjectives and buzzwords. Barter and trade are slowly replacing cash for everything but rent, utilities, and gasoline in her life, as she seeks to extract herself from the throes consumer addiction.

Family interests include leaving love notes on strangers' cars, writing poetry on the refrigerator in dry erase marker, beautifying the world through sidewalk chalk, bruising their bodies with hula hoops, and bouts of inappropriate laughter. They do not own a microwave or television, but eat Filiberto's tacos, and can quote movies with frightening accuracy.

The personal is political, but happiness is a choice. When in doubt, choose happiness. It makes the rest easier to bear, and will completely infuriate those who seek to oppress you. If you choose misery, they win.