Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spit Out Your Medicine, Save Your Soul

"Stare at your shadow for too long, it will spring to life and destroy you, girl. Don't go acknowledging your dark side. It's a precarious thing, to see the wrong side of your potential. Once you go poking around in there, you can never unsee your bones laid bare on the altar of truth. Just keep staring straight into the sun. Better to be blinded by the light. It's a mercy, really. Child, you ain't ready for the whole of yourself. If anyone would have you like that, you'd be better off to run in the direction opposite of which they came."

It isn't true, though. Self containment begins where denial ends. See the whole of yourself clearly, and the grotesque distortions are no longer monsters that can devour you. They aren't independent entities, these shadows. Their actions will never be anything you didn't choose to do first.

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