Monday, February 13, 2012

How To Break It Down & Break Through Paralysis, Step 8

Stop Ruminating, Planning, and Talking About It

Just do it. Go live your life. Make a plan. Make a list. By all means. But leave wiggle room for changing your mind, changing tactics, changing directions. If that seems overly simple, it is because it truly is that simple. We complicate everything when we go looking for simple solutions. You can't find a simple solution, because you are not problematic. This is not an equation with a set formula. It is your life. Your life.

So, you may be wondering why I outlined all of those other steps if now I am telling you it is simple. The reason for that is simple, too. It is far too easy to lose ourselves to the complications of our own thoughts, and in order to reach a place where we can even begin to comprehend that we are complicating things, sometimes we need to sort our shit within some defined parameters. At least I know that I did.

And then I found my stride, and I don't have to think about every last little thing before I do it, because I have established a way that works for me, and if and when it feels like it isn't working, I fully trust that I will be able to adjust accordingly.

Plasticity. We are flexible in these human forms. Rigid always leads to breaking. Allow yourself to sway in the breeze. Be bendy in your expectations. Be malleable under your own hands. Remember that you are composed mainly of water. that means you are capable of flow.

Most of us enjoy a greater degree of privilege than we realize. Even in the midst of U.S. standards of poverty. Gratitude begets abundance. Being still leads to being present in your life. Walking grounds you down, and forward motion lends itself well to forward motion. Fall in love. With yourself. With your kids. With someone else. With that homeless guy on the corner. With a tree that roots down and reaches and bends without breaking. With the wide open sky that hangs above you day and night, and never abandons its post. Everything feels more doable when you are in love, and if you can't find anything to fall in love with, it's because you are refusing to open your eyes.

Take the first step. That is all there is to do. There is nothing more. Just take a step. The ground is not going to fall out from under you. The world is round. You are not going to fall off the edge.

And if you need support, just ask. It isn't worth much, but it is always free.

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  1. Thank you for this post! I am definitely a list-maker and ruminator of everything imaginable in my life. I've learned that we are not always in control of the lists we make, but have to be open to othe possibilities. This hits home for me!