Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Climate Control

The sun does not come with a remote control, the rain does not take requests, and the wind does not blow because you gave it a shove.

You could stare into the sky from now until the end of eternity, weaving your wishes into words and sending them spiraling into space, and you could come up with the most beautiful and elaborate of rituals, all incense and incantations, but any desired results would still be pure coincidence and timing. That power is not yours to take.

The secret is layers.

A tank top, a long sleeved t-shirt, a cardigan, and a coat. Stuff a hat, some sunglasses, and a scarf into your knapsack, and hook an umbrella over the strap.

Add and remove as you see fit. That which is beyond the tips of your own fingers is pretty much out of your scope. Seek your comforts in the contents of that which you can carry on your being. Remove and re-wrap at will. If the rain drives too hard, and the wind howls too loudly, remember that you always have the option of going inside until the storm settles. Know your limits, and respect them.

It is something to consider when dealing with people, too.

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